Sustainable fashion: what is it?

Posted by Celine Hakoun on

You’ve heard it all over the place. Fast fashion: bad! Sustainable fashion: good! But what is sustainable fashion, exactly?

In short, it’s when brands minimize the impact of manufacturing and distribution of clothing, shoes and accessories on the environment, and on the human fiber of society (pun intended). 

That means that designers who strive for sustainable fashion look at how their clothing line is going to use resources (like fibers, water and energy), how it will be distributed (thinking about footprint), and how it will impact humans (working conditions, fair compensation). 

So what about kid’s fashion? European brands are pioneers in the field, with Portugal at the forefront. They have innovative ideas like using ocean water to produce fabrics, creating more durable designs and exploring sources of all-natural dyes.

Looking at it this way, you could say that it’s really about seeing the bigger picture. And that says a lot about sustainable brands. Instead of following the old ways, these talented designers rethink the way they complete every step of their production. We think it’s pretty cool. But we’re biased, because we like to do things differently, too.


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