Choosing the right size for the perfect gift

Posted by Celine Hakoun on

Baby clothes. Seriously, they are so cute. But how long will Baby actually wear them?

To help you decide which clothing size to get, we've broken it down for you based on what type of gift you'd like to give the new parents in your life. We hope you'll find it useful on your next purchase!

You'd like Baby to wear your gift as soon as he's born --> Go for size 3 months. Whether Baby is in the normal size range or a little chubby, he'll be able to wear these clothes right away, and up until right around the time he turns 3 months old.

You'd like your gift to last, and last, and last  --> Go for size 6 months. Baby will start wearing this size when she's about 3 months old until she's about 7 or 8 months old. That gives Baby lots of room to grow, and becomes the go-to items for her parents.

You'd like to help the tired parents keep up with Baby's growth --> Go for size 12 months. This larger size will come in very handy when all of the sudden, Baby has an unexpected growth spurt. They always happen when the drawers are filled with tiny sizes. Your gift will save the day. Plus, size 12 is very versatile. It will be a bit roomy at first, but not for long. It'll be just right when Baby starts walking to explore his world on two legs.                               

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